Textbook Case, But Better

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Obviously I couldn’t leave without saying adieu. It isn’t really good-bye…more like see you later.  Although my time at UHN has come to a close I will picking up the slack at my new post a little south of here at the Carolinas Healthcare System in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I will be doing a lot of the same ol’ stuff to keep the hospitals green and operations running smoothly.  Keep in touch on twitter @kadysee if you like…or maybe the talkin’ trash team will have me back to post a blog or two about what it is like to be building sustainability on new ground.

I feel really lucky to have been able to do what I do at UHN with all of you and especially the great green team lead by the incomparable Energy and Environment department.  We have built world class everything from energy management, to green buildings, to sustainable transportation. I will really miss this place – but not before I gloat a little about all the kudos and accomplishments we have achieved together over the years. I will look back fondly on all these green memories, the people and the places. I can’t wait to see what you will all accomplish next.

Bye with pride

Go Go Go

In the spirit of PanAm now on in Toronto I am going to race through a few things I’ve been meaning to tell you about for the last couple of months. Ready. Set. Go Go Go….

I already told you about what Ed and I presented at CleanMed, but Robin Guenther was also there and had a few interesting things to say about why hospitals make us sick. This slide, I thought, captured the essence best.  Moving toward restorative design helps find solutions that start to heal.  By the way, the line in the middle is resilience. Something she added to her talk since this was presented at TEDMED 2014.Robin Guenther

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Every once in a while Ed and I take some time to see what is going on in the wider world of greening healthcare.  We did it at CleanMed this year in Portland(ia).  You may remember we were in Boston in 2013. We were extra motivated this year because we were giving a talk.  It was a hybrid talk linking the best of Energy Management at UHN from behavioural and technical perspectives. We had a full house for a full hour and went more deeply into the topic compared to other shorter presentations.  We briefly talked about this framework. The what.

Energy Model TLC

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Virtual you – you but better

I have a little side interest I am developing at Energy and Environment and it is called  “I want to know more about Virtual Reality (VR) and I want to know it now.” You too? Video games right? Under all my trash talkin’ and energy auditin’ what I really want to be doing is immersing myself in the virtual realm just to see what it is like to be me but better.  Obviously I am not the only one with this wish. Hollywood and online gaming is drooling over the potential of VR.  I wouldn’t say I am drooling just a healthy interest.

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Alert Alert Golden Light Switch Roving again

What is better than 1 Energy Expert? Two Energy Experts. That’s what they have over there in a little corner of Gerrard wing.  Perry Ross and Celeste Merey have been working together across their departments to make sure everyone can turn off as much as possible.  It was a pleasure to honour them with the Golden Light Switch for their creative ideas, ongoing friendly reminders to their co-workers and general stick-to-it-ness that is the hallmark of Energy Experts across UHN.

Celeste and Perry

Of course credit goes to the whole team too. There are so many good reasons to turn off lights in empty rooms thanks for finding your reason. Congratulations Emergency Preparedness and Fire & Life Safety you are awesome!

EP and Fire group


Naomi, consider me changed

I have been a fan of Naomi Klein for a long long time.  When No Logo came out in 1999 it seemed like the warning that it offered was just scratching the surface.  Five major works later, countless columns in The Nation, The Guardian and so many other publications – she, my image of a smart women against the status quo declared that her next master-work would tackle the subject of climate change; I was absolutely astounded. The one topic that I had spent the last 2 decades trying to make relevant in my day-to-day would get her risky, marginalized, rebellious, revolutionary and totally totally cautionary touch!  With my copy pre-ordered I was set.

This changes everything

The book This Changes Everything arrived and I jumped right in.  Now I am sure at least half of the people on this blog have read this book already and whatever I may have to add here to the long list of powerful reviews and commentary is likely too little too late.  But for fun, I’ll tell you what I really think.

Naomi doesn’t dress Climate Change up in pretty clothes. She doesn’t take the most complicated crash of science, society, technology and economy we have ever seen and say everything is going to be ok.  In fact, quite the opposite; she exposes Continue reading