A Year in the Life of Energy and Environment

When people ask about our group, Energy & Environment, I wax philosophical on the interconnectedness of healthy people and a healthy planet … that also happens whether or not anyone’s asking :). Beyond the philosophical, there’s a Continue reading

Who knew scientists were so funny?

With events like Earth Week, we’re reminded of some classic tenets like “Think Global, Act Local”, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, and “I am not a Treehugger. I am an Arboreal Embracement Engineer” … the last one’s not common, but should be :). This year, the messaging grew bigger. Continue reading

TURN ON the voting! (to TURN OFF the lights)

Wow … so overwhelmed with designs to help that energy saving message stick! Check out the top 12 contestants in our Light Switch Plate Design Contest and vote for your favorite. You can also vote on site at the Earth Week Booths.

Click on your favorite, then hit the yellow “vote” button at the bottom. Continue reading