Bike Like Mike

There is no better time of year than now to ride your bike to work (or to the gym, or to the grocery store, or just for fun)! Fresh crisp air and cool morning temperatures help to ensure you won’t end up a sweaty mess on arrival. Biking regularly can help you get in shape, feel better, improve your health, and it’s just plain fun! Check out this TED Talk about the awesome ways that biking can change you.


I’ve been meaning to write a blog on biking ever since the large expansion of Toronto’s Bike Share system this summer. Continue reading

Over the edge of seventeen

Last week we asked you what your plans are for the new year. Missed it? Like magic, here you go. We gave 17 options (cuz 2017), mixing up traditional resolutions with some (subliminal) sustainable suggestions. Happily, you chose a lot of sustainable suggestions!  The results tells us a lot about you. (Note that what follows is entirely based on my glance at the results at precisely 3:45 pm on Wednesday).

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The Edge of Seventeen


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Sweet (20) Sixteen

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New Year’s, one of the oldest holidays celebrated ever, is kind of a funny thing. Back in ye olden Roman times, they decided to move New Year’s from March (a logical spot, what with springtime renewal) to January since the month was named for Continue reading

7 Habits of Highly Ecoffective* People

While we are gearing up for Earth Week next week, the best way to celebrate is to shift the things you do every day for the better and greener. Once you get in the habit, it’s second nature. Not sure where to start? Try these 7 habits of highly ecoffective* people: Continue reading

9 Tiny Ways to be a Big Hero

2015 has come, and its shiny new and improved glory can bring hope and promise … and cast a shadow of frenzied panic for perfection. Turn over a new leaf! Make those major changes you swore up and down you’d finish last year or the year before or in 1999! Make a list, check it twice, gonna find out who’s … sorry, wrong holiday.

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There are all sorts of resolutions we usually tackle: from getting healthy to getting organized, butting out to Continue reading

It’s Resolution Revolution Time

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Ah … the crisp (frigid) January bite of our brand spanking New Year; 2014! Had to concentrate extra hard to put a 4 instead of a 3 … habits, y’know? Speaking of habits, the new year is the most popular time to change ’em; break bad ones, start good ones, or at least think about it between episodes of Duck Dynasty.

To go forward, I’m gonna look backward, all the way back to last year. We stared down that nasty Mayan Apocalypse and guess who blinked? We looked at resolution mania in a small, medium and big picture kind of way i.e. gave it a personal, local and global outlook. These resolutions become revolutions, with enough steam.

We started big; yup, with Continue reading