Revolution #20. Keep Reading Talkin’ Trash For Lots More Green Ideas

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And now for our final revolution…check out Justin reading our blog, Talkin’ Trash With UHN. He even clicked “subscribe” so every new post automatically notifies him…what a smarty pants!  So, he easily tunes in to the latest, greatest, keenest, greenest things everyone’s doing at UHN to help protect the environment, and even makes a comment or two. He may even write a guest column about his favorite green topic. What a way to stay on track with Revolutions 2012!

Thanks folks, and have a great and green new year!

Revolution #19. Take Public Transit Instead of Driving All Alone

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Check out Gabriella catching up on her reading, knitting and all-important facebooking by taking public transit instead of driving to work. See her stress levels plummet from no longer inching her way along the Gardiner at rush hour, knuckles white with tension. See her ease up on the sailor talk since no cabbies cut her off. She’s saved so much money on gas and parking already, she just might be able to make a dent in those holiday credit card bills. She’s saving even more with the UHN VIP discount TTC pass that just automatically comes off her payroll, la di da. And she found that here on the intranet. She also found a better route on the TTC and GO to get her here on time for a change (not that anyone’s judging or noticing or anything).

Revolution #18. Print Less Paper

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There’s Marco reading online instead of printing up a small forest worth of documents, meeting minutes and agendas. And look at the gorgeous and decluttered space he has since he no longer has to file all those piles…very Architechtural Digest. See how he sets his printer to double sided for the few things he still needs to print. Oh and there’s his boss smiling at the sweet budget savings on paper and toner. Marco loves saving paper so much, he found this UHN flyer to share with his workmates.  He was going to print it and post it for his department, but realizing the irony, decided to email it instead.

Revolution #17. Lug-a-Mug

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Check out Carol slinging her own travel mug to work for her morning java. Wow, don’t coffee and tea taste better when you get an easy discount for bringing your own mug. And if she ever forgets it, at least she’ll recycle her disposable coffee cup and lid in the Cans-and-Bottles bin here. No coffee stains on the clean, pristine paper recycling, or wasting the cup in the trash (gasp! shock! horror!). So she can easily keep her resolution to save a few dollars and have warmer coffee, plus know that by the end of the year, she’ll have saved a stack of cups taller than her 50 story condo!

Revolution #16: Stop Drinking Chemicals

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It was a dark and stormy night when suddenly Rita stopped Kevin from dumping chemicals down the drain…and just in the nick of time! Kevin didn’t realize that if he dumps it, we all drink it. Thanks to Rita, he knows better and next time he’ll stop someone else from throwing chemicals in the trash or down the drain. Now looking at them all, spreading knowledge, not toxics. So beautiful (sniff).

Then Kevin went home and gathered up all his HHW (that’s household hazardous waste, for those in the know). He quickly called 311 (or emailed and booked a Toxic Taxi to pick up 10 to 50 litres worth of HHW for the low, low price of free. What a terrific Toxic Avenger!

Revolution #15. Spread the Green to Your Colleagues

Check out Candace giving her colleagues a piece of Energy & Environment’s mind, by hanging some posters on recycling, energy efficiency and TLC available on the Energy & Environment intranet page. That way, the entire department can join the UHN revolution. Good thing she found them here…such a savvy gal! She also found amazing ways to be green at home! Another thing she found on the intranet and passed on.

Revolution #14. Share Those Green Ideas

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Bless Stefano for giving the Energy & Environment department a piece of his mind. He has tons of great greening ideas for UHN that just may save the world in a small way, and may save UHN some energy, reduce waste and save a few coins in the process. Jeez Stefano, you’re really keeping us busy at Energy & Environment every time you click here on the intranet…and you do, a lot. Not that I’m complaining.