Revolution #13. Sign the UHN Green Pledge

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Check out Ayeda showing the world that she’s part of greening UHN by signing the UHN Greening Pledge. And it was the absolute easiest resolution to keep, once she found it here on the intranet. If only avoiding chocolate were so easy.

Revolution #12. Join a Carpool

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Check out Lue-Ann teaching her car how to swim in UHN’s Carpool Zone …and look at how fast it matched her up with someone who lives right nearby, works the same hours, and has the same taste in handbags! It must be psychic. And now Lue-Ann and her new BFF can afford to buy really, really nice handbags with all the dosh they save on parking and gas. And they have more time to buy them, what with their priority carpool parking and access to those juicy high-density lanes!

By the way, did you know each month 1 lucky Carpool Zone user will win a $50 gift card to Sporting Life, Mountain Equipment Coop or Canadian Tire? November’s winner was a carpool user from University Health Network (UHN)! Congrats!

How can you win? Simply keep your Carpool Zone account active by logging in to Carpool Zone at least once every 6 months and you are automatically entered! New users are also automatically entered, so tell a friend looking to share a ride to work or a transit station.

Revolution #11. Like Your Bike

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Frank really loves his BUGs.  And I don’t mean the six-legged googly-eyed kind, but UHN’s Bicycle Users Group…which will help Frank keep his resolution to get fit and bike to work. He found such great (and fun) info on the intranet cycling page AND he even signed up for the monthly newsletter by emailing the nice folks here…

Revolution #10. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

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Lucky Tanya gets to go shopping at work all the time…too bad it’s for medical supplies and not haute couture, but at least it’s shopping. And now she’s having a meeting with her manager on how to buy greener stuff for the department. By thinking about a few things before buying (is it reusable? recyclable? less toxic? less packaging? is it Energy Star or otherwise environmentally certified?) they’re really greening up their supplies. Hey Tanya, way to put your money where your mouth is!

Revolution #9. A Toast to Compost! (get a green bin for your lunch room)

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Poor Maria and her left over lunch. She hated throwing out those apple cores, teabags and napkins in the trash for landfill when they’re just perfect for a compost heap. Turns out a few of her buddies felt the same way, so they contacted us here at Energy & Environment ( and got a green bin for their lunchroom. They take turns taking it to the central compost collection, and Maria masters the schedule. So no one forgets their turn, or they risk inciting the wrath of Maria! Not that it would ever happen. Composting is a great way to turn leftovers into lunch for new crops and plants, and a rind is a terrible thing to waste (groan).

Revolution #8. Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Cytotoxic…Oh My!

Doesn’t Daphne just ace hazardous waste? She knows when to use the red, the yellow and the white bins (and why). Once she found out that red and white bins get incinerated and yellow gets sterilized, she made sure to throw ordinary trash in the garbage, recycling in the blue bins and left over lunch in the compost. Maybe her pasta wasn’t very good, but incinerating it is overkill. And if she wants to be extra clear, she knows to contact Energy & Environment ( for some gorgeous posters (ok, gorgeous may be overstating it, but they are functional). And she found out about it on the UHN intranet

Revolution #7. Leak the Story on Leaks

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That drip, drip, drip is driving Camille crazy! If only she could do something about it….but what? Then she found it, an online maintenance request form on the Facilities intranet page. She was so inspired, she brought the idea home too. Now she’s saved a tonne of water, money, and her sanity too.