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Clean Air Commute June 17-23 … And the winners are!

Clean Air Commute

Updated Aug 8, 2013:

BikeSafety-TRI-LCRC-CleanAirCommuteNew! Bike Safety Workshop TRI-LC/RC

…from the lovely folks at Clean Air Commute

When: Thursday, Aug 29, 12-1 PM

Where: TRI-LC Lecture Room B


Updated July 23, 2013:

See the full winners story (with happy-smiley pictures) here

Updated July 18, 2013: 

Clean Air Commute: And the winners are:

The first round of winners for the clean air commute are (drumroll please…)

1. Mountain Bike: Danielle Slump, TWH

2. BIXI Membership: Chris Chen, TRI-UC

3. Golf Umbrella: Ursula Dignard, TGH

4. Golf Umbrella: Schenell Rosario, Princess Margaret

And the Second round of winners on July 16 brought a very special award to UHN: 

5. Ruth MacNeur won the coveted Amego Bold e-Bicycle! Congrats Ruth!


6. CAA Membership for 1 year: Allison Howorth, TRI-LC/RC

Over 500 staff registered to streetcar, bike, walk and carpool their way to cleaner air.

Hey UHN, thanks for playing!

Updated June 16, 2013:

Clean Air Commute…Play to Win Huge! Clean Air Commute

… Step right up if you walk, run, take public transit, cycle, carpool, telecommute, and even  drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, or just a plain old car with a tune-up and properly inflated tires (OK, that should encompass pretty much everyone, ever)…

… it’s the annual Clean Air Commute by our friends at Pollution Probe. The goal is to encourage people (and yes, reward with major prizes, my clean-air friends) to get to work by anything other than driving all alone in a badly-tuned, smoke-spewing vehicle. UHN is pretty good at rocking this game, winning an award in 2011, and achieving our own personal best in 2012.  Let’s make 2013 the squeakiest, cleanest commute in the history of UHN… and Toronto, Canada,  the world while we’re at it.

When: June 17-23


This year, we’re making it interesting and tracking how many people participate from each location, so if say TGH wants to throw down the gauntlet to TRI, let the (friendly) competition begin. And if you read this blog but don’t work at UHN,  you can bring the  the competition to your staff too by registering your workplace. The more people play, the more pollution we keep out of the atmosphere and the more we all win. And that, my friends, is a breath of fresh air!

More For UHN Bike-Enthusiasts (or Cycle-Paths)

Calling UHN cyclists (or those who want to learn to be cyclists but need a friendly push out the nest)…join the lunch & learn on Bike Safety, and some Bike Clinics:


  • When: Tuesday, June 11, noon – 1 PM,
  • Where: Princess Margaret, Main floor Conference room M-805.
  • RSVP: ASAP to me, to register soon as space is limited


  • When: Wednesday, June 12, noon – 1 PM,
  • Where: Toronto Rehab-University Centre (on the grass North of the University Ave entrance).
  • RSVP: ASAP to me, to register soon as space is limited
  • When: Tuesday, June 18, noon – 1 PM,
  • Where: Toronto Western Hospital (in the picnic area just South of the Leonard entrance).
  • RSVP: ASAP to me, to register soon as space is limited

One more Bike Maintenance Clinic added by popular demand!

  • When: Wednesday, July 10, noon – 1 PM, Advanced Clinic
  • Where: Toronto Rehab-University Centre (on the grass North of the University Ave entrance).
  • RSVP: ASAP to me, to register soon as space is limited


P.S. If you’d like to help promote this in your department, email them this link

For a great story from 2011, see here

2 thoughts on “Clean Air Commute June 17-23 … And the winners are!

  1. Hi Lisa! I’m new to UHN and love riding my bike to work. Where are you hiding all the bike racks for employees? Thanks!


    1. Hi Elin…welcome! We have quite a few bike racks, but are always looking to add more. There’s a secure indoor bike parking area at Toronto General in the Peter Munk bldg parking lot, plus some outdoor racks on the SE corner near the ER (can also service Princess Margaret, TRI-UC). There’s a secure outdoor cage at Toronto Western on Leonard Ave, plus many outdoor racks on the North and South sides of the building. There will soon be an indoor bike room at Krembil Discovery Centre (KDC)…plus a shower/locker room right next door! On our intranet, you’ll find a cycling zone (UHN Staff only) which has more details on bike parking. Email me if you’d like to join the BUG (Bicycle User Group), so you can stay on top of cycling at UHN. And if you work in an area that is underserviced for bike parking, and you know a perfect spot for a rack, please suggest it.

      All the best,


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