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Bike Workshops 2017 – What/where/when’d you like?

Hi UHN Cyclists!

We have 2 bike sessions to offer this year. To make them count, let us know the right session at the right place at the right time for you. I have 3 super fast polls below to get the what/where/when. Full descriptions of the sessions are below the polls. Polls close May 19.


Basic Bicycle Repair Clinic

(Outside with bike, Interactive): Learn about day-to-day care of your bicycle (hands-on). Topics include: how to perform a safety check, how to pump your tires, how to tighten your brakes, how to oil your chain, and how to ensure that your bike is the right fit for you.

Bicycle Flat Tire Repair Clinic

(Outside with bike, Interactive): Learn how to fix a flat bike tire using a patch kit, by practising on one of our demo bike wheels. Optional: bring your bike to learn tips for removing your wheels; we will not actually remove your bike’s wheels for the clinic.

Advanced Bicycle Repair Clinic

(Outside with bike, Interactive): Learn how your bike works at a deeper level (hands-on). Topics include: how to fix squeaky brakes, how to prevent your chain from falling off, how to correct gear-shifting issues, how to “true”/straighten a wheel by tightening spokes.

Cycling in All Weather Conditions

(Inside, presentation): Learn about cycling to work in all weather conditions. Topics include: recommended “office-friendly” clothing for different cycling seasons, bicycle care and maintenance tips, and route-planning and safe riding techniques to deal with different weather-related hazards.

Cycling Safety Workshops

(Inside, presentation): Learn everything you need to know to get started as a cyclist in the city. Topics include: basic road rules and safe riding techniques, how to “size” and maintain your bike to prevent pain and injury, how to correctly wear a helmet, when to use bike lights, and more.




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