UHN Gardens

Green Thumb? Black thumb hoping to be a green thumb? Check out the Gardens at UHN!

GROW: Garden Rehab On Wheels, at Bickle Centre

4-stepsThis is a first! Our wheelchair accessible garden at Toronto Rehab, Bickle Center is also used for patient rehabilitation and staff engagement. This is the best outcome of our Talkin’ Local Food project, with funding from TD Friends of the Environment, it’s a collaborative effort involving our staff, patients and the Parkdale community organization Greenest City to grow food at Bickle Center. Contact amanda.beales@uhn.ca to join.

UHN Real Food Garden: (Near Toronto Western Hospital)  

A great Green team project led by Geremy Capone and Lisa Vanlint. Staff, patients & friends of UHN volunteer to sow, hoe and grow some delicious produce. The harvest goes to ELLICSR to teach healthy cooking to cancer survivors and friends. Volunteers also share in the bounty. See more (pictures!) on the Talkin’ Trash with UHN Facebook page. Contact Geremy@ellicsrkitchen.ca to volunteer.


Garden 2018 Schedule:

  • Seedy Saturday, March 17th at Scadding Court (SC): Come on out and help Geremy pick seeds for our season
  • Group Garden, May 28, 5:15 – 6:15 PM
  • Seed to Seedling Care and Watering: volunteers as scheduled
  • Planting Day: stay tuned
  • Garden Care and Watering: volunteers to be scheduled, stay tuned


TRI-UC – Rooftop Garden


In Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s 5 South Geriatric Psychiatry Unit. More here




Garden 2016 Schedule:

Now in our 5th season! To join at any time, just fill this out below…


  • Seedy Saturday, March 19th at Scadding Court (SC): Come on out and help Geremy pick seeds for our season
  • Meet n Greet, March 22
  • 1st Seed Starting, Tuesday March 29, 5 PM at SC.
  • 2nd Seed Starting, April 1, 12 PM at SC: let’s get our hands dirty and more of our seeds started
  • Seed to Seedling Care and Watering: volunteers as scheduled
  • Planting Day: Jun 2, 2016
  • Seedling Care and Watering: volunteers as scheduled

2016 Seedy Saturday Poster (2)

Useful Links:

UHN Real Food Garden 2013 Article by Geremy Capone Garden Schedule For those already volunteering…don’t forget to weed and water! ELLICSR Find out all about these great cancer survivorship programs ELLICSR BLOG A more fun space that includes the garden, and other goings-on for people affected by cancer. Some idea of what we do…


Friday’s Harvest: Kale, lettuce, green beans, and the world of cherry tomatoes


Fun in the garden: Shawn, Lisa & Christine

Harvest-in-action: Rossini, Shawn, Christine

Harvest-in-action: Rossini, Shawn, Christine


from Geremy’s Weeding101 with Krista at Scaddingcourt Community Centre We had a great weeding session at the garden on Wednesday, and I figured it might be a good idea to post some of the pictures so that you know what should be pulled out of the ground when weeding. First weed is Brian’s or Charlies Beard…Someone’s Beard, anyways, it’s a weed. You can pull it out or Krista said you can eat it. (it tastes like a mix of grass and vinyl, so I’ll leave that up to you)

Garden Beard

Next we have this beauty, I forgot the name but until Wednesday it completely took over the middle section of the garden. It grows and spreads very fast so try and stay on top of it. Garden Beauty These little flowering buds tend to grow in between the weeds pictured above…yank them out. Garden flower And lastly, these little suckers. They are actually called suckers, found on our tomato plants. They will drain the nutrients and energy out of the plant and prevent them from flourishing. You can find them growing in between the main stem and a branch carrying fruit (or flowers). They will not produce any tomatoes so snap them off. Garden suckers Happy gardening!

Garden 2015 Schedule:

  • Seedy Saturday, March 14th at Scadding Court Community Centre: Come on out and help Geremy pick seeds for our season
  • 2015 Season Kicks-Off April 29, 5 PM at Scadding Court Community Centre Greenhouse: email Geremy@ellicsrkitchen.ca to get on the volunteer list. A bit of a late start due to greenhouse issues.
  • May 6, check the seedlings and sow in ground

Garden 2014 Schedule:

  • Plant in the Garden: Friday, June 6: Noon, Scadding Court Greenhouse and Garden. Get those last veggies in! We’ll plant all the deep growing veg (beets, carrots, zucchini, eggplant) and chard in the middle row.
  • Plant in the Garden: Thursday, June 5: 5:15 PM, Scadding Court Greenhouse and Garden. Turn the soil, plant the back row with Tomatoes, the front with herbs and lettuce, and a few hot peppers in the middle
  • Seed to Seedlings: Wednesday, April 16, 5:15 PM, Scadding Court Greenhouse. Getting the next set of veggies get going.
  • 2014 Season Kick-Off: Wednesday, April 9, 5:15 PM, Scadding Court Greenhouse – Thanks for coming!

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