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Green Team Victories

The Green Team is the perfect place for sustainably-minded staff to make green changes within their departments. All it takes is a few small efforts and the successes accumulate. Wondering how you can make a contribution as a green team member? Find out below what others at UHN are doing to help green healthcare. Remember, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

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TGH OR GT Green Wall of Fame 2021 (004)
Toronto General OR – GREEN WALL OF FAME

Congratulations to the Toronto General Hospital Operating Room Green Team! Led by Dr. Laura Donahoe, this entire team epitomizes enterprising and enthusiastic environmental efforts. This is a group that gets things done, then looks for a new project to do even more.

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Golden Light Switch

In our quest to save energy, we’ve come up with a (very serious) way to recognize groups around UHN that have done their part to GIVE A FLICK. This coveted award is the GOLDEN LIGHT SWITCH. Behold it in all its beauty….

Why do we care so much? Turning off lights and cutting back on excess electricity consumption reduces air pollution and prevents climate change. The OMA says air pollution in Ontario leads to 17,000 hospital admissions and 60,000 emergency room visits each year. So next time you’re last out of a room, turn off the lights to protect the environment AND save lives.

Who’s done what it takes to get this most esteemed award, and the 5 minutes of hi-fiving that goes with it?!

Click on the images to get a better look!

One thought on “Green Team Victories

  1. super interesting!! I think highlighting achievements of environmentally conscious workers is such a great incentive and encourages this amazing behavior. a great read and love the posters


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