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Mixed Recycling at PMH

Hi good people of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre:

The news: As of Jan 4th, 2016, your recycling program will go from separated to mixed recycling. That means cans, bottles, paper and cardboard go in the same bin. As always, please keep garbage separate, and make sure confidential paper still goes in the confidential shredding bin.

We want to make it crystal clear on “what goes where” with a poster, but need your help to choose the best one. Look and vote, please!






These poster would go above the bins, hopefully at eye-level as knees don’t read so good. We have already created a label, so look for these soon on a bin near you:

Mixed recycling label coming soon to PMH
Mixed recycling label coming soon to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


Note, this change is only happening at Princess Margaret at this time. The change is due to renovations that will affect the space on the loading dock, making a separated recycling program too squished.

Happy sorting!

P.S. if you have comments or suggestions on something even better than Option A or B, leave a comment below, or email me at