Taking The Guess Out of Hazardous Waste Since 1999 – Talkin’ Trash, October 2019

UHN’s Handy Dandy Everything You Need To Know About Hazardous Waste Quiz

1.  When it comes to disposing of biomedical waste, UHN uses:

  • a) RED bags and containers for items that, by law, need to be incinerated.
  • b) YELLOW bags and containers for items that, by law, need to be autoclaved (with steam).
  • c) Both “a” and “b”.  Environmental Services uses the colour coding to ensure that our waste is sent for proper treatment.

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Let’s Get Wasteless

So I’m walking the dog (happy to be there!) and the teenager (not quite as thrilled) through Toronto’s gorgeous ravine system and what do I see? Continue reading

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

So I finally started riding a bike to work this year at 51. The last time I rode a bike in Toronto was when I was 23 and at U of T for my Masters. We were living around Ossington and Bloor and super broke (as students tend to be) so my then husband suggested we start riding to school to save TTC money. I hated it. Don’t remember why exactly but I think it had to do with a mixture of the terror of being mutilated by a car (there were no bike lanes back then) and getting soaked in the rain and having my makeup run all over my face. Continue reading

Who knew environmentalists were so funny?

You have to laugh. Laughter creates energy, breaks tension, and cuts big things down to size. We haven’t seen anything bigger than the climate crisis (climate change’s newer and more appropriately urgent name), so a little laughter goes a long way.  

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Let’s Talk Trees!

The Importance of Street Trees and Green Infrastructure for Our Health

Streets Trees on Elizabeth Ave, Toronto [Credit: Lauren South 2019]

Toronto is a unique city, full of natural areas including an extensive ravine system, many Continue reading

Patients, Pollinators and Emergency Power – A UHN Garden Story

Once upon a time, for two years actually, there was an enormous hole in the ground right in front of Toronto General Hospital at Elizabeth and Gerrard. This giant crater was originally created to install two new 90,000-liter diesel fuel storage tanks to serve four emergency generator rooms at Toronto General Hospital. This is really important to keep the lights on and patients cared for in the event of a blackout.

Figure 1: The before (left) and after (right) pictures of new Toronto General Hospital Garden.

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Last Straw = First Move

image credit reddit.com madasdfs

It started with an image of a turtle and a straw (and the turtle was definitely NOT enjoying a salted caramel frappuccino). The image enraged millions to just say no to Continue reading