RIP faxed X-rays. Hello rescuing 450,000 sheets of paper!

"The Realm of Obsolete Technology" By Adam Baron, 14"x21"
image credit:”The Realm of Obsolete Technology” By Adam Baron,  contemporary prints and posters


Cassette tapes, rotary phones, floppy discs, typewriters and cathode ray tube TV’s … all technologies that Continue reading

Do Unto Hazardous Waste Disposal as You Would Have Others Do Unto You – Talkin’ Trash, March 2017

The Mystery of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Waste

(apologies to mystery solvers everywhere)


Aside from a few unlucky felines, it may very well be the defining characteristic of Homo sapiens, the distinguishing feature that sets us apart from most other living things on our fair planet.  It’s the instinctual drive to, like a toddler of the species Homo sapiens hopped up on multi-grain, GMO free, naturally sweetened “Os”, continually ask “Why? Why? Why?”…and later pose the perhaps more important query, “Why not?”

And we at UHN are fortunate to be surrounded by many who have become proficient at not only asking “why”, but then answering their own questions. And while I definitely do not put myself in the same league as these question askers and answerers, I do find myself pondering the occasional mystery from time to time…which, as of late, has had me coming back to the same question:  Why do things taste better when wrapped and in a tortilla?

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On Green Procurement and Others …My 12 weeks at UHN’s Energy and Environment dept.

Hi, it’s Evelyn again! It’s my final week here at UHN doing my Practicum placement and my 12-weeks just seemed to pass by like a blur. I thank all my uber-efficient and green teammates for all their help and enlightenment on the green initiatives that UHN is currently doing. I have focused much of my time on possible Green Procurement initiatives and within the limited time I had, here are some of the things I learned… Continue reading

It’s like you were there the whole time

If you were super excited about the Climate Change Resiliency Webinar, but work/life/stuff got in the way of actually attending it, we have good news for you! All of the wonderful presentations are here for you to absorb and share, almost like you were there the whole time.

The recording (with visuals) can be found here: Continue reading

The Sustainable Roots of Black History Month

As Black History Month (BHM) comes to its crescendo finish, there’s a lot to celebrate (and more than just the very surprise ending at last night’s Oscars). BHM has really amped up across North America,  including right here at University Health Network! To counterbalance February’s brevity, BHM at UHN started on January 25 with jam-packed opening ceremony in the leafy green DeGasperis Conservatory.


Though there were Continue reading