Who knew scientists were so funny?

With events like Earth Week, we’re reminded of some classic tenets like “Think Global, Act Local”, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, and “I am not a Treehugger. I am an Arboreal Embracement Engineer” … the last one’s not common, but should be :). This year, the messaging grew bigger. Continue reading

TURN ON the voting! (to TURN OFF the lights)

Wow … so overwhelmed with designs to help that energy saving message stick! Check out the top 12 contestants in our Light Switch Plate Design Contest and vote for your favorite. You can also vote on site at the Earth Week Booths.

Click on your favorite, then hit the yellow “vote” button at the bottom. Continue reading

Spring Greening

Now that we are groggily emerging from our hibernation of sitting on the couch in a Snuggie and binge TV watching while eating cookie dough ice cream, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. On second thought, sweeping the garage, sorting old junk, and throwing mittens in a drawer sounds awful – let’s talk about spring greening instead! Here are a few tips for an energy efficient spring and summer: Continue reading

Tropical mini-vacations for everyone!

It looks  as if winter is not ready to leave, and its icy paws are holding on as much as possible. Luckily for me , amidst that snow storm we had a couple of weeks ago, I was able to escape the cold and spent some time in warmer climates, surrounded by palms, banana trees, orchids, cacti and other exotic plants. In fact this all took place just in one day ! Now you might be wondering how in the world is that possible? Trust me it totally is.



Proof that I saw some cacti

My mini vacation started through Continue reading

RIP faxed X-rays. Hello rescuing 450,000 sheets of paper!

"The Realm of Obsolete Technology" By Adam Baron, 14"x21"
image credit:”The Realm of Obsolete Technology” By Adam Baron,  contemporary prints and posters


Cassette tapes, rotary phones, floppy discs, typewriters and cathode ray tube TV’s … all technologies that Continue reading

Do Unto Hazardous Waste Disposal as You Would Have Others Do Unto You – Talkin’ Trash, March 2017

The Mystery of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Waste

(apologies to mystery solvers everywhere)


Aside from a few unlucky felines, it may very well be the defining characteristic of Homo sapiens, the distinguishing feature that sets us apart from most other living things on our fair planet.  It’s the instinctual drive to, like a toddler of the species Homo sapiens hopped up on multi-grain, GMO free, naturally sweetened “Os”, continually ask “Why? Why? Why?”…and later pose the perhaps more important query, “Why not?”

And we at UHN are fortunate to be surrounded by many who have become proficient at not only asking “why”, but then answering their own questions. And while I definitely do not put myself in the same league as these question askers and answerers, I do find myself pondering the occasional mystery from time to time…which, as of late, has had me coming back to the same question:  Why do things taste better when wrapped and in a tortilla?

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