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Recycling at Lyndhurst Rumsey

In response to the “Rumour Has it” about recycling at Rumsey…


Please keep recycling at Rumsey (and everywhere)! It is the only way to ensure your recyclables get a second life and don’t clog up landfill. Recycling is not only good to do for the environment, but it also costs less than throwing waste in regular garbage … green 2 ways.

The only time recycling may be thrown into regular garbage is if people did not use the bins properly e.g. the blue bin has garbage in it. Our housekeeping staff cannot fix the recycling mistakes of others … an issue of time and safety.

To see how  all UHN sites recycle, see the Blue Bin Recycling @ UHN page on the intranet (UHN staff access only). Rumsey has “mixed recycling”, meaning cans/bottles and paper can all go in the same blue bin, though not together with garbage. Some of the bins at Rumsey may have different slots for paper vs cans and bottles … leftover from when recycling was separated. We didn’t want to waste the bins, just because they have extra slots. To further “follow the blue bin”, recycling at Rumsey is wheeled over to Lyndhurst’s loading dock.

The good news is that Rumsey is actually doing a pretty good job of recycling. The graph above shows that Lyndhurst and Rumsey have improved over the last 3 years and are even better than the UHN average.

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