Roses are Red, Polypropylene Sterilization Wrap is Blue

Roses are Red, Polypropylene Sterilization Wrap is Blue

Remember your 3 R’s from school? No, not Readin’, Ritin’ and Rithmatic :).

If you’ve been around the blog, you know that Reducin’, Reusin’ and Recyclin’ are listed in order of importance, with much bigger bangs for reduce and reuse. With that, I have a great story to share from our friends at the Radiation Therapy Green Team.

P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s interhospital competition for Waste Reduction Week.

the following excerpt is by Veng Chhin on the Therapost

This year the Waste Reduction Week is Oct. 15-21, 2018.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Weeks in Canada started in the mid-1980s with a focus on the environment and sustainability.  This principle can be practiced all year round!

Brachy and Gamma Knife teams are already practicing waste reduction on a daily basis.  Every day they are saving the blue sterilization wraps for recycling and repurposing.  The wraps are clean and have not come into contact with any contaminants.  They are made up of linen fiber and polypropylene materials and are very durable for repurposing.  For example, arts & crafts, drop sheets for painting, car seat covers for pets, can be sewn into multi-purpose bags, etc…

blue wrap bag

blue wrap makes for a great reusable bag!

This means less waste going into landfills, helping to keep our world cleaner, and improving sustainability. It’s a win-win!  If you want to give it a try, you are welcome to these wraps, which are saved in a cabinet located in Cobalt Lounge near the central recycling area.

blue wrap-patricia

Patricia demonstrates the many fashionable uses for blue wrap

Read the original story by Veng Chhin on the Therapost


Styrofoam Stars and Shredded Paper Snow

For your holiday celebrations, we looked into the archives for our greenest holiday decorations. We’d love to take credit for this, but it was actually Toronto General Hospital’s Housekeeping and Facilities Department. They decorated with almost every single bit reused or recycled (and would’ve reduced new stuff purchased = all 3 R’s present and accounted for). So deck the halls with boughs of cardboard supply boxes…falalalala…

Happy Green Holidays from all of us at Talkin’ Trash with UHN!

Olga Muir, Waste Warrior


Olga Muir, Nurse Manager TWH

When people think about being green, often the first thing that comes to mind is recycling. And though recycling is a favourite of ours, even better is the first of the 3 R’s (points if you yelled out “Reduce!” while reading this). I’ll introduce you to the UHN Jedi-master of reduction, our very own Olga Muir. Olga has made it part of her life’s work to ensure all her staff really think about each and every medical supply they carry into a patient’s room.

When something goes into a patient’s room, generally that’s its last stop. Medical supplies are very monogamous that way. If supplies go in that don’t get used, we not only need to buy those supplies again for the next patient, (here’s the insult-to-injury part) we pay to throw out good stuff we’ve wasted. As the Continue reading

Waste Reduction Week for the Green you Seek

Break out the reusable bags and travel mugs cuz UHN is celebrating Waste Reduction Week! From October 15 – 21, we hope everyone takes a moment to think about the things we use and see if there’s an opportunity to switch it, not pitch it. Granted, we’re kinda keen on every week being waste reduction week, but let’s get the babysteps going.

To get in the spirit, our friends at Mount Sinai invited us to attend a screening of The Clean Bin Project

When: Tuesday, October 16 at noon

or Wednesday, October 17 at 5pm

Where: Mount Sinai Hospital in the Ben Sadowski Auditorium on the 18th floor

Who Can Come: Anyone from UHN or Mount Sinai

What’s it About?: The Clean Bin Project…A comedic documentary with a positive approach instead of the usual doom and gloom environmental film. In this competition where less is more, a couple try to stop buying stuff and produce zero waste for a year. Easier said than done.

Can’t get to the movie, but want the Coles Notes version of everyday things you can do to reduce your waste (documentary film-making optional)?

Top ten tips from the Clean Bin Project

1. Stop using plastic bags

2. Set up your Recycling in a convenient place

3. Compost!

4. Recycle everything you (and your municipality) can

5. Give up Take Out Containers

6. Check the package BEFORE you buy it

7. Buy secondhand

8. DIY (Do It Yourself)

9. Get educated

10. Let businesses know how you feel

For more detailed tips, click here and if you have an even better tip, why not leave a comment?

Hope to see you at the movies!


Revolution #2. 1-Reduce, 2-Reuse, 3-Recycle

Look at Marsha polishing up on her 3 R’s and so totally getting that they’re listed in order of importance.

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