BAS Schedule Control: Simple but Best


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Say Hi to Allan, our new Building Control Specialist

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Data Analysis For Facility Planning – TGH Chillers

Data is critical to facility planning.  With data organizations can plan for the long term, they can make decisions based on facts, and they can weigh options against one another.  I would say there are three criteria for useful data: availability, reliability, and clarity.  All three are necessary; if you have data but can’t access it then it’s not useful; if you have unreliable data then it’s not useful; and if you have reliable data but it’s a convoluted mess then it will be very difficult to discern anything meaningful (i.e. not useful). Continue reading

Because You Know I’m All About That BAS

No, not that annoying song – I’m talking about that BAS – Building Automation System. The BAS, also known as a Building Management System (BMS), is a computer server/software networked with field devices that functions as the communication hub and nerve centre of a building’s mechanical systems. Building automation is a massive topic to be covering in a simple blog post, so I will keep it to a quick overview and show some advantages we have experienced at UHN with our various BAS configurations.Capture_2

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