Cups, Cars, & Co-op


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What do you love? The best Trash we were Talkin’ in 2015

Ah, end-of year lists. Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s fun to see the cream of the annual crop rise up. Thanks to the power of analytic tools, we know what you’ve been reading (or not), so this list is entirely on you. Here we go, looking back at our top stories (which you can jump right into with the click of a pic). They’re grouped thematically, not numerically, and it really says a lot about you, our lovely readers. Speaking of cream…

You care a lot about energy conservation (and donuts and contests) …



Ever wonder how many donuts equates to the energy used by leaving your computer on during the weekend? Mmm … donuts. We also chose our #NameMyTLC winner: “Turn it Off Before You Go-Go”

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Earth Day 5 Ways

Justin does it all at TRI Bickle Centre

Justin does it all at TRI Bickle Centre

I always look forward to Earth Day. Not just because it gives this great green/blue marble its due, but because by April 22, the hopeful spring blooms promise warm summers (and the all-important tradition of pints on the patio and cottage weekends). Even with this year’s crazily harsh winter, there was a tiny hint of green.

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