Inflation and the Art of Garbage – Talkin’ Trash, October 2014

The Environomics of Garbage

Inflation is defined as a “sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services” (thanks  In other words, your money just don’t buy what it used to.

For example, back in the day, I could walk up to the soda counter of my favourite drug store, a dime burning a hole in my pocket, order a double tall extra skinny soypuccino (with two straws if I was with my sweetie, of course) and a couple of free range anchovy filets…and still have enough change to go to the pictures after.

These days, that dime barely covers the Continue reading

Revolution #5. Beyond the Blue Box

Check out Wayne and his used batteries. Good thing he knows not to throw them in the trash or the regular recycling bin or the sharps container or biomedical waste bag. He’s set up a nice (reused) box and got a sticker from Energy & Environment that says “batteries only”. He also found out where to take his old cell phone and electronics to keep them (and all their toxic heavy metals) out of landfill. Way to go Wayne on keeping your resolution to dispose of batteries and E-waste properly! And he found it all here for UHN, and here for Ontario…