Earth Week SUPERSIZED …the only thing that should be :)


Since the first eco-friendly festivity on April 22, 1970, Earth Day has gained momentum around the globe. Now, more than ever, the planet we share could use a little Continue reading

UHN Light Switch Plate Design Contest

Updated (Apr 20):

See and vote on contest finalists here

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Earth Week 2016 … kickin’ it since the 70’s

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It’s official … everyone wins!

TWH celebrates Earthweek

Toronto Western represents! Click for more pics.

What a whirlwind tour! We tromped around 6 separate UHN sites this past Earth Week, going lobby to lobby playing our green mythbusting game. Continue reading

EarthWeek Sneak Peek

Despite what the forecast and your own freezing face may tell you, it’s SPRINGTIME! With that comes some of our favorite holidays at Talkin’ Trash … Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! And EarthDay! … the latter’s a holiday that celebrates what every person, panda and petunia has in common. And by taking care of the earth, we, our children and our children’s children can continue to enjoy the good things like those yummy grilled cheese sandwiches (nice when it comes full circle).


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Wake up and smell the coffee

Hopefully many of you had the opportunity to stop by the Earth Day booths on April 22, participate in the discussion, and enter your guess for the prizes. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winners. We only had space for one fact on the poster, “How many disposable coffee cups Canada uses each year”, but there are many more you may enjoy (read on!).

coffee - munk atrium

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Earth Day 5 Ways

Justin does it all at TRI Bickle Centre

Justin does it all at TRI Bickle Centre

I always look forward to Earth Day. Not just because it gives this great green/blue marble its due, but because by April 22, the hopeful spring blooms promise warm summers (and the all-important tradition of pints on the patio and cottage weekends). Even with this year’s crazily harsh winter, there was a tiny hint of green.

We here at UHN have much cause to celebrate, especially as our green team has grown to over 600 members. The trick is that we’re Continue reading