Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

On this sweltering September day, with Florence and Mangkhut lashing their paths of destruction, I can’t help but think about the hot and steamy elephant in the room … climate change. The scary thing we all talked about “in the future” is here, clearly. There are so many ways I could do something about it, but sometimes I don’t know where to start.

I am not alone, and as luck would have it, neither are you.

We are incredibly psyched and proud to bring Carbon Conversations TO to UHN!


What’s it all about? Taking Climate Action this Fall

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Revolution #20. Keep Reading Talkin’ Trash For Lots More Green Ideas

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And now for our final revolution…check out Justin reading our blog, Talkin’ Trash With UHN. He even clicked “subscribe” so every new post automatically notifies him…what a smarty pants!  So, he easily tunes in to the latest, greatest, keenest, greenest things everyone’s doing at UHN to help protect the environment, and even makes a comment or two. He may even write a guest column about his favorite green topic. What a way to stay on track with Revolutions 2012!

Thanks folks, and have a great and green new year!

Revolution #13. Sign the UHN Green Pledge

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Check out Ayeda showing the world that she’s part of greening UHN by signing the UHN Greening Pledge. And it was the absolute easiest resolution to keep, once she found it here on the intranet. If only avoiding chocolate were so easy.

Revolution #12. Join a Carpool

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Check out Lue-Ann teaching her car how to swim in UHN’s Carpool Zone …and look at how fast it matched her up with someone who lives right nearby, works the same hours, and has the same taste in handbags! It must be psychic. And now Lue-Ann and her new BFF can afford to buy really, really nice handbags with all the dosh they save on parking and gas. And they have more time to buy them, what with their priority carpool parking and access to those juicy high-density lanes!

By the way, did you know each month 1 lucky Carpool Zone user will win a $50 gift card to Sporting Life, Mountain Equipment Coop or Canadian Tire? November’s winner was a carpool user from University Health Network (UHN)! Congrats!

How can you win? Simply keep your Carpool Zone account active by logging in to Carpool Zone at least once every 6 months and you are automatically entered! New users are also automatically entered, so tell a friend looking to share a ride to work or a transit station.

Revolution #3. Gimme a Green Team!

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Check out Shelina and her buddies chit-chatting about ways they can make their department greener, reduce waste, conserve electricity and reduce those pesky toxins. But how to make these ideas a reality? Shelina hooked up with us here at Energy & Environment to start her own department green team. And look at the fun they’re having making their space a better place. So much easier to stick to these resolutions with a green buddy. And she found it all here on the UHN intranet…

Revolution #1. Patient & Planet Centred Care

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Check out Ron with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. He started practicing patient-centred care ages ago, and now he’s taken on patient and PLANET centered care so his patients get better faster and the planet can continue to provide nifty free things like clean air and water. And he likes to read up about what his colleagues are doing around the world on websites like this, and what his colleagues are doing right here at UHN. Thank you Ron, for making sure healthcare doesn’t create health problems.

Revolutions 2012!

Happy New Year! Now’s a great time to make a resolution or two, and beyond the usual…diet, exercise, learn to Samba…why not put the planet on the list of to-do’s?

Tune into our Blog everyday during the month of January for simple day-to-day things we can do to make UHN (and the world) a better place. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce our waste and our waist at the same time? Get the mind-body-spirit connection by getting outside and recycling (but in french!). What a revolution to the world of resolutions.