Can U Dig it?

In the lush and earthy corners of UHN, we find some spectacular gardens.

Let’s start in the west with GROW at Bickle Centre, aka, Garden Rehab on Wheels, or Garden of Eatin’. Thanks so much to Amanda Beales for leading this team through it’s 3rd fantastic season. Each year, it expands and improves.


Staff Salad Potluck 2018

This season, the team built a second in-ground patch for plants too big for the boxes. Continue reading

Bon Appétit at HealthAchieve


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Let’s GROW!

I am thrilled and delighted to introduce our first wheelchair accessible garden at Toronto Rehab, Bickle Center! We’re calling it GROW, for Garden Rehab On Wheels. A lot of green thumbs and grey matter went into designing this new venture. See for yourself!

This is the stellar Green Team after our first meeting of the season – our gardening champions are from recreational therapy, speech language therapy, nursing, clinical nutrition, spiritual care, volunteer resources, maintenance, management and administration.

The TR Bickle Green Team received funding from TD Friends of the Environment to Continue reading

Going to Seed (but in an heirloom and open-pollinated way)

As I mentioned in Garden Team in a Pickle, most hospital staff spend a good portion of their days washing, scrubbing and otherwise sanitizing their hands. When the day is done, it’s nice to dig in the rich, squishy dirt (after hours, not during surgery). But before we can dig, we need to plant some seeds, which become seedlings, which become plants (vague memories of 4th grade science class). Luckily, there’s a fantastic event taking place at Scadding Court Community Centre, home of our UHN Real Food Garden: Seedy Saturday, March 19th!.

2016 Seedy Saturday Poster (2)

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