The indoor environment affects your health, here’s what you can do about it:

The indoor environment affects your health, here’s what you can do about it:

A snake plant, pictured above, is one of the many plants that can naturally filter your air.  Near the end of this article there’s a link to six other plants that are also great air filters.

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Krembil Discovery Tower LEEDs UHN

Buildings are challenging creations, full of promise or problems or both. We often find ourselves trying to fix them when the vents don’t flow right, the plumbing makes decorative fountains (from the ceiling), or the lights blaze away in some areas then get overly romantic in others (nice in a restaurant, not so much in an operating room). What happens when you have the opportunity to take all the cumulative knowledge and know-how to design and build it brilliantly from the start? You get the Krembil Discovery Tower, well on its way to LEED certification (insert giant “Ta-Da”)…

LEED info for KDT

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A Destructive Act of Recycling

UHN is a big place and, like most big places, we produce a lot of garbage.  Thankfully, UHN also recycles – almost 14,000 pounds of waste was diverted from landfill each and every single day last year, a result of the collective effort of UHNers to make sustainability part of their workday.  And of all the UHN recyclers, there is one person who stands out in my mind as possibly being our top recycler, a recycler extraordinaire among recyclers, our king o’ recycling.

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