Bon Appétit at HealthAchieve


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The (orange) elephant in the room at HealthAchieve

This Monday-Wednesday morning, I had the privilege to attend HealthAchieve, the OHA’s crown jewel of healthcare conferences. This is where the brightest minds across the province meet and mingle over speakers and sessions, exhibits and events. The theme this year was “learn, share, evolve”, a lofty yet fitting goal for this kind of thing.

Overshadowing everything was the hair-raising, nail-biting, breath-holding US election. It framed every conversation. Some of the speakers were from south of the border and joked on Monday and Tuesday that if things didn’t go well, would we mind terribly if they just stayed with us? It was a surefire way to get the crowd to smile and laugh … a safe gag since there couldn’t ever possibly be a need.

High Power Poses vs Low Power Poses

High Power Poses vs Low Power Poses

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Innovative Environmental Sustainability at OHA’s HealthAchieve

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Give Us a Green Pat On the Back – Vote for UHN for Green Hospital of the Year

I’m tickled green to let everyone know that UHN has been nominated for the Ontario Hospital Association’s 2014 Green Hospital of the Year Award.  Thing is, the winner will be determined by a vote, with employees of Ontario hospitals being able to cast their ballot by clicking here (and scrolling down to the bottom of the webpage) until October 3, 2014.

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