Hey SickKids, UHN & Sinai Health Systems! The WRW Interhospital Challenge is On!


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New Years with Ol’ Blue Eyes – Talkin’ Trash, January 2015

Pride and Sustainability

(HUGE apologies, to J. Austen…and anyone else who’s written or read a book…ever)

Needless to say, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the intersection between the collective literary works of Jane Austen (or Charlotte Bronte, or Emily Bronte or…) and early-teen Canadian males is likely minimal. So it should equally come as no surprise that I can’t even remember which book we were studying when, many (many!) moons ago Mrs. Roth, my grade 11(ish) English teacher, said something to the effect of “If only…those can be the saddest two words in the world”. I can’t say what it was about those words – “if only” – that woke me from my early-teen daydream. I can’t even say anything about the dialogue that followed Mrs. Roth’s proclamation (and, needless to say, the following two weeks where the book was discussed have been utterly erased from my memory) but for some reason the words, and their implications have stuck with me. Continue reading

Don’t throw that out … it’s art!

Confession time … amongst other things, I studied fine art at U of T. Normally this means my education and work life have precious little to do with one another, but not today. Today, I’ll show you the perfect marriage of art and the environment as they meet in hopeful, glorious, thought-provoking displays (how’s that for an intro?).

We’ll start with Kitty Chan in the Radiation Medicine Program at UHN. Kitty needed lots and lots of used coffee cups to do an environmental awareness art installation called “The Tree of Hope”. This tree will stand in all its glory at David Suzuki’s upcoming Blue Dot tour.


Perry, Kitty and Megan, all of the fabulous green team, get those cups together

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Earth Day 5 Ways

Justin does it all at TRI Bickle Centre

Justin does it all at TRI Bickle Centre

I always look forward to Earth Day. Not just because it gives this great green/blue marble its due, but because by April 22, the hopeful spring blooms promise warm summers (and the all-important tradition of pints on the patio and cottage weekends). Even with this year’s crazily harsh winter, there was a tiny hint of green.

We here at UHN have much cause to celebrate, especially as our green team has grown to over 600 members. The trick is that we’re Continue reading