Over the edge of seventeen

Last week we asked you what your plans are for the new year. Missed it? Like magic, here you go. We gave 17 options (cuz 2017), mixing up traditional resolutions with some (subliminal) sustainable suggestions. Happily, you chose a lot of sustainable suggestions!  The results tells us a lot about you. (Note that what follows is entirely based on my glance at the results at precisely 3:45 pm on Wednesday).

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The Edge of Seventeen


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Sweet (20) Sixteen

image credit: HappyNewYearWallpaper.com

image credit: HappyNewYearWallpaper.com

New Year’s, one of the oldest holidays celebrated ever, is kind of a funny thing. Back in ye olden Roman times, they decided to move New Year’s from March (a logical spot, what with springtime renewal) to January since the month was named for Continue reading

Revolution #4: It’s bigger than the both of us

image credit: blog.ssis.edu.vn

image credit: blog.ssis.edu.vn

Let’s imagine every resolution is going smashingly for you (and I really hope it is). You’ve balanced your budget, quit smoking, run a 5K, ate your (local/organic) veggies, squeezed into your skinny jeans for the first time since high school, and generally got your mighty fine act together. What other accomplishment could possibly add another feather to your cap of fabulousness? The final revolution to New Year’s resolutions is all about connecting…spending quality time with family and friends, meeting the love of your life, volunteering your time to help something/someone/somewhere. If I were Ed, I might Continue reading

Revolution #2: Get It Together

So I was just about to write on the second most popular new year’s resolution, which technically I should have done it yesterday. Just as soon as I finish sending this urgent email…typing… pressing send…and…no go. Something about my mailbox being completely full, please delete, yada yada? OK, now some quality message culling and I’m ready to start…just as soon as I get back from this meeting. Oh, and I need to update a document and then I can absolutely, totally write about the next resolution…getting your act together.

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Revolutions 2012!

Happy New Year! Now’s a great time to make a resolution or two, and beyond the usual…diet, exercise, learn to Samba…why not put the planet on the list of to-do’s?

Tune into our Blog everyday during the month of January for simple day-to-day things we can do to make UHN (and the world) a better place. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce our waste and our waist at the same time? Get the mind-body-spirit connection by getting outside and recycling (but in french!). What a revolution to the world of resolutions.