Groundhogs, carpools, selfies and sweaters … must be February

Even though Wiarton Willie wriggled out of his groundhog burrow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter, to walk around balmy Toronto, it’s hard to tell if winter even started yet.  Tomorrow, Feb 3, calls for a near-tropical 11 degrees Celsius. Expect to see Canadians in shorts.

Fittingly, it’ll cool down to around zero on Thursday, February 4th for National Sweater Day. The 4th is a big day as it’s also World Cancer Day. So though we’d like you to wear a sweater for climate-change battling reasons, you can take a no-hair selfie with our friends at Princess Margaret and show your solidarity with cancer patients. Since there’s a virtual-shave option, you won’t even catch a chill.

There is a link between cancer and air pollution, which brings us back to the Continue reading