RIP faxed X-rays. Hello rescuing 450,000 sheets of paper!

"The Realm of Obsolete Technology" By Adam Baron, 14"x21"
image credit:”The Realm of Obsolete Technology” By Adam Baron,  contemporary prints and posters


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Triple Bottom Line is Oh So Fine

You may know it as the 3P’s: people, planet, profit. Or you may know it as the Triple Bottom Line: social, ecological and financial. Either way, these 3 pillars of sustainability make the accounting ledger cover more than just the red or the black.

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Introducing Mike Kurz and the “Shake and Fold”

Mike Kurz

Mike Kurz

actually by our guest-blogger and new colleague, Mike Kurz…

Shake and fold; two words that I hope will be seared into your mind by the end of this blog entry.  These words have fundamentally changed my life (or at least the way I dry my hands with paper hand towels).  Changing my life might be hyperbole, but I literally put these words into action every day.

I like to think of myself as an environmentally conscious person, but I have to admit, before watching the video below I was a certifiable paper towel glutton.  Every trip to the washroom I would end up yanking three or four paper towels without a second thought and chucking them in the garbage – that was just the number of towels I “needed” to get my hands dry.  It turns out I was mistaken and one towel can get the job done – all I needed were two simple words: shake and fold.  Take a look at the short video below for an entertaining demonstration of the shake and fold technique.

Shake and Fold Link to Video  

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Revolution #18. Print Less Paper

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There’s Marco reading online instead of printing up a small forest worth of documents, meeting minutes and agendas. And look at the gorgeous and decluttered space he has since he no longer has to file all those piles…very Architechtural Digest. See how he sets his printer to double sided for the few things he still needs to print. Oh and there’s his boss smiling at the sweet budget savings on paper and toner. Marco loves saving paper so much, he found this UHN flyer to share with his workmates.  He was going to print it and post it for his department, but realizing the irony, decided to email it instead.