Revolution #18. Print Less Paper

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There’s Marco reading online instead of printing up a small forest worth of documents, meeting minutes and agendas. And look at the gorgeous and decluttered space he has since he no longer has to file all those piles…very Architechtural Digest. See how he sets his printer to double sided for the few things he still needs to print. Oh and there’s his boss smiling at the sweet budget savings on paper and toner. Marco loves saving paper so much, he found this UHN flyer to share with his workmates.  He was going to print it and post it for his department, but realizing the irony, decided to email it instead.

Revolution #4. Bin It to Win It

image credit: Environment Canada

Check out Jillian in the medical supply room, tearing off bunches of plastic outer wrap from some medical supplies. She sees the gorgeous and conveniently located blue bin lined with a clear plastic bag, and knows this must be for her (and all that other metal, glass and plastic). Lickety split, she tosses the wrap into recycling and out of the dump. And look there…another blue bin for the paper and carboard containers, right by her side. Between the two, there’s almost nothing that needs to go in the garbage. With these bins so conveniently placed near her work station, she can oh-so-easily keep her resolution to always toss recyclable items into the right bin. If she needs another bin, she knows to email Energy & Environment ( And if she’s not sure what goes where, she checks out these handy posters on the intranet about UHN recycling , and paper vs metal/glass/plastic . It’s a bit different than her home in Toronto.