Recycling, The Movie – Talkin’ Trash, April 2015

Lights, Camera…Recycling!

For those who have yet to see the critically acclaimed movie Boyhood, it’s a coming of age story following the life of Mason Evans Jr. as he grows from 6 years old to 18.  It’s a poignant, revealing and insightful tale…but what adds an extra element to the story is knowing that the movie was shot over 12 years, with the same actors aging and growing in real time with the characters they play…that’s the same Ellar Coltrane playing Mason at 6 years old, 18 years old, and everything in between.

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Blue Bin, you saw me standing alone

It’s official. The UHN Green Team has surpassed my dreams of waste-free wonder. Ann Masterson and her team at TWH MSNICU have made an amazing video about their blue bin woes (to the tune of “Blue Moon”)

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#WasteFreeUHN Contest on now-Oct 22

In honour of Waste Reduction Week, we have brand-new contest to share the best ideas and actions to reduce waste. It starts now so ready, set, go…
waste reduction week

How to Play#WasteFreeUHN?

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Don’t throw that out … it’s art!

Confession time … amongst other things, I studied fine art at U of T. Normally this means my education and work life have precious little to do with one another, but not today. Today, I’ll show you the perfect marriage of art and the environment as they meet in hopeful, glorious, thought-provoking displays (how’s that for an intro?).

We’ll start with Kitty Chan in the Radiation Medicine Program at UHN. Kitty needed lots and lots of used coffee cups to do an environmental awareness art installation called “The Tree of Hope”. This tree will stand in all its glory at David Suzuki’s upcoming Blue Dot tour.


Perry, Kitty and Megan, all of the fabulous green team, get those cups together

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Treasuring Trash, the Second Chapter

One person’s trash is another one’s treasure … a pretty fair comment if you pass any of the gazillion yard sales each summer weekend. Some things on offer are questionable at best (hello Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer), though I did score a snazzy backpack-style picnic basket. It brims with promises of bikerides and strolls followed by al fresco wine and cheese, all local/organic of course. The family that sold the picnic basket had those very same dreams, but after years of anticipation and neglect, they realized it needed a new home to be used and loved. With that, the picnic basket’s second chapter began.

All things deserve a second chapter (and people do too, but that’s a whole other article). There are the obvious environmental savings; not piling on the ol’ landfill (some predict Toronto’s will be full by 2026), not wasting fuel to haul it there in the first place, not having to mine/harvest/produce as many virgin materials to make new things … and you probably know a bunch more 3-R friendly reasons. There are pages and pinterest boards all dedicated to cleverly, creatively repurposing the old to become something new and exciting (loving this guitar bookcase, MUCH better than listening to me play an actual guitar).


image credit: 43 Ways to Reuse

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Revolution #2: Get It Together

So I was just about to write on the second most popular new year’s resolution, which technically I should have done it yesterday. Just as soon as I finish sending this urgent email…typing… pressing send…and…no go. Something about my mailbox being completely full, please delete, yada yada? OK, now some quality message culling and I’m ready to start…just as soon as I get back from this meeting. Oh, and I need to update a document and then I can absolutely, totally write about the next resolution…getting your act together.

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Revolution #9. A Toast to Compost! (get a green bin for your lunch room)

image credit:

Poor Maria and her left over lunch. She hated throwing out those apple cores, teabags and napkins in the trash for landfill when they’re just perfect for a compost heap. Turns out a few of her buddies felt the same way, so they contacted us here at Energy & Environment ( and got a green bin for their lunchroom. They take turns taking it to the central compost collection, and Maria masters the schedule. So no one forgets their turn, or they risk inciting the wrath of Maria! Not that it would ever happen. Composting is a great way to turn leftovers into lunch for new crops and plants, and a rind is a terrible thing to waste (groan).