Top 14 Ways We Were Talkin’ Trash in 2014

What a wild, wondrous and #WasteFreeUHN year it’s been here at Talkin’ Trash. Before we enter into the brand spanking new one, let’s have a gander at the highlights. And now (insert imaginary drumroll), a count down of our top 14 stories from 2014, as selected by your curious clicks:


Ed helped us get our feet (not-so) wet with Water, Water (Not) Everywhere

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Water Efficiency – Is your Refrigeration Sending $$$ Down the Drain?

When we think of refrigeration, we usually think of a cold beer, yummy food, and all those miscellaneous science experiments hiding in the back.  I’d like to temporarily change all that and focus on how it works, why some commercial refrigeration wastes tons of water, and a fantastic example of a retrofit project at UHN.  Then we can go back to trying to identify that smelly mystery jar that you came across while cleaning out the bottom shelf.

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