Shut the Sash: The Power of Pizza

Armit Dhinsa - the sash man

Armit – the sash man

Hi, my name is Armit Dhinsa; I am a co-op student from Waterloo who has been leading the Shut the Sash program from January 2016. For those of you in research at UHN, you have probably seen me wandering around the lab spaces for some time now, wondering how I magically appear out of nowhere almost everyday. It is all the the Shut the Sash campaign, a major energy saving behavior change program in Research.

The importance of Shutting the Sash was new to me when I joined. As a biology student who uses fume hoods regularly at school, the extremely high energy usage of the Fume hood was completely unknown to me. Continue reading

Virtual you – you but better

I have a little side interest I am developing at Energy and Environment and it is called  “I want to know more about Virtual Reality (VR) and I want to know it now.” You too? Video games right? Under all my trash talkin’ and energy auditin’ what I really want to be doing is immersing myself in the virtual realm just to see what it is like to be me but better.  Obviously I am not the only one with this wish. Hollywood and online gaming is drooling over the potential of VR.  I wouldn’t say I am drooling just a healthy interest.

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Triple Bottom Line is Oh So Fine

You may know it as the 3P’s: people, planet, profit. Or you may know it as the Triple Bottom Line: social, ecological and financial. Either way, these 3 pillars of sustainability make the accounting ledger cover more than just the red or the black.

Triple Bottom Line  image credit:

image credit:

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Now Recruiting Research Collaborator

Energy Conservation, Behaviour Change and Hospital Culture

The largest hospital in Canada, University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto has made an organization wide commitment to Energy Management through an innovative program called Operation TLC.  Using technical, process and behaviour change equally we have demonstrated how limited resources, a big idea and determination have resulted in culture change in a large complex organization.  We are offering an opportunity for a collaborator to help assess the preliminary results of our efforts. Continue reading

Adeline, our new Food Project Coordinator

That's me at the Eastdale Collegiate Institute's new rooftop garden

That’s me at the Eastdale Collegiate Institute’s new rooftop garden

Hello everyone,

My name is Adeline [pronounced “Adleen”] and I was very excited to join the Energy & Environment team a few weeks ago as Food Project Coordinator. What does energy and environment have to do with food, you ask? Well… quite a lot actually. We serve more than 1,300,000 meals every year across our 7 sites. If we consider the full supply chain, the food we choose, the way it is produced and the distance it travels… all of it has a major impact on our environment and energy use. That’s why we want to Continue reading