Talkin’ Seriously Social Trash



In the beginning there was the blog, and the blog was good (at least in our humble opinions). Then the world spawned a vast array of Tweets and Likes, Finds and Follows, Shares and Pluses, all to edify, delight and distract us. So we started talking some seriously social trash too. We found that some of our followers had something pretty spectacular to say. 

It turns out, a lot of folks plugged into social sites are more likely to be environmentally conscious. On the other side of the non-toxic lead-free locally-forged coin, the already eco-chic use these sites to spread ideas and get active. So if this sounds like you, let’s be friends and have a 2-way conversation, or 3 or 4.

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Care, Dare & Share this Earth Hour (I will if you will)

11325_EH_1_Ad_Update_PRINT2_OL.inddIt may not feel like spring has sprung, what with the forecast of scattered flurries and nippy temperatures, but as of Wednesday, March 20th, spring 2013 has officially entered the building. Something about birds chirping and buds poking through mud (or snow) makes us all a little more appreciative of the planet. Enter stage left, a slew of festivities to celebrate, appreciate and elevate our global home. Why? So we  get gentle reminder to respect and protect.

First up, Earth Hour. This one is easy. If you have a finger, you can do it (no, not that one). This is celebrated around the globe on March 23, 8:30 – 9:30 PM. Earth Hour asks individuals, businesses and governments everywhere to turn off their lights for one hour to support urgent action on Continue reading

Revolution #4: It’s bigger than the both of us

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Let’s imagine every resolution is going smashingly for you (and I really hope it is). You’ve balanced your budget, quit smoking, run a 5K, ate your (local/organic) veggies, squeezed into your skinny jeans for the first time since high school, and generally got your mighty fine act together. What other accomplishment could possibly add another feather to your cap of fabulousness? The final revolution to New Year’s resolutions is all about connecting…spending quality time with family and friends, meeting the love of your life, volunteering your time to help something/someone/somewhere. If I were Ed, I might Continue reading