Revolution #16: Stop Drinking Chemicals

image credit: the Simpsons

It was a dark and stormy night when suddenly Rita stopped Kevin from dumping chemicals down the drain…and just in the nick of time! Kevin didn’t realize that if he dumps it, we all drink it. Thanks to Rita, he knows better and next time he’ll stop someone else from throwing chemicals in the trash or down the drain. Now looking at them all, spreading knowledge, not toxics. So beautiful (sniff).

Then Kevin went home and gathered up all his HHW (that’s household hazardous waste, for those in the know). He quickly called 311 (or emailed and booked a Toxic Taxi to pick up 10 to 50 litres worth of HHW for the low, low price of free. What a terrific Toxic Avenger!

Revolution #8. Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Cytotoxic…Oh My!

Doesn’t Daphne just ace hazardous waste? She knows when to use the red, the yellow and the white bins (and why). Once she found out that red and white bins get incinerated and yellow gets sterilized, she made sure to throw ordinary trash in the garbage, recycling in the blue bins and left over lunch in the compost. Maybe her pasta wasn’t very good, but incinerating it is overkill. And if she wants to be extra clear, she knows to contact Energy & Environment ( for some gorgeous posters (ok, gorgeous may be overstating it, but they are functional). And she found out about it on the UHN intranet