Let’s GROW!

I am thrilled and delighted to introduce our first wheelchair accessible garden at Toronto Rehab, Bickle Center! We’re calling it GROW, for Garden Rehab On Wheels. A lot of green thumbs and grey matter went into designing this new venture. See for yourself!

This is the stellar Green Team after our first meeting of the season – our gardening champions are from recreational therapy, speech language therapy, nursing, clinical nutrition, spiritual care, volunteer resources, maintenance, management and administration.

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“To change the system, get the system in the room”

How do you change a system? Collective Impact teaches us about the power of community conversation to tackle complex social issues.  Indeed, “how much we can accomplish in this world depends on how much we can see”, said John Kania, Collective Impact expert.

What would happen if we helped staff at UHN to get out of their comfortable bubble of expertise and take a closer look at our whole hospital food system? With that goal in mind, I teamed up with a group of UHN staff who are also students at the OISE Food Sovereignty program. We embarked last week on the horizon-broadening project of Conversation Cafés.

conversation café

A team of staff review the UHN Food Ecosystem before our table chat at the Wellness Centre

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From Post-It to Pilot in 10 Days or Less

There have been more than 400 of you digging into the complexity of hospital food with us, submitting solutions to get more local food into patients meals. Thank you! We are getting close to the end of our crowdsourcing project and thought we would share some project updates.

Soothing Food

Soothing foods

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What’s our next big idea? We’re Talkin’ Local Food with UHN.

Have you heard the new buzz word?

Idea crowdsourcing has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years. People describe it as relying on the wisdom of the crowd to create innovation or solve complex, systemic challenges.  Crowdsourcing, in its broader definition, has been used in healthcare to  gather data from high volume of patients, to envision hospitals of the future, or to fund research projects. This summer, we are using crowdsourcing to identify creative solutions that will help us overcome the main challenges in providing local Ontario food to UHN patients.  Continue reading

Adeline, our new Food Project Coordinator

That's me at the Eastdale Collegiate Institute's new rooftop garden

That’s me at the Eastdale Collegiate Institute’s new rooftop garden

Hello everyone,

My name is Adeline [pronounced “Adleen”] and I was very excited to join the Energy & Environment team a few weeks ago as Food Project Coordinator. What does energy and environment have to do with food, you ask? Well… quite a lot actually. We serve more than 1,300,000 meals every year across our 7 sites. If we consider the full supply chain, the food we choose, the way it is produced and the distance it travels… all of it has a major impact on our environment and energy use. That’s why we want to Continue reading