Poppies, Rations & Remembrance Revisited

In honor of Remembrance Day, we’re remembering this from the archives…

poppiesAs the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month approaches, much of the world takes a moment to remember and respect. Many of us wear poppies to symbolize the Continue reading

Roses are Red, Polypropylene Sterilization Wrap is Blue

Roses are Red, Polypropylene Sterilization Wrap is Blue

Remember your 3 R’s from school? No, not Readin’, Ritin’ and Rithmatic :).

If you’ve been around the blog, you know that Reducin’, Reusin’ and Recyclin’ are listed in order of importance, with much bigger bangs for reduce and reuse. With that, I have a great story to share from our friends at the Radiation Therapy Green Team. Continue reading

On Green Procurement and Others …My 12 weeks at UHN’s Energy and Environment dept.

Hi, it’s Evelyn again! It’s my final week here at UHN doing my Practicum placement and my 12-weeks just seemed to pass by like a blur. I thank all my uber-efficient and green teammates for all their help and enlightenment on the green initiatives that UHN is currently doing. I have focused much of my time on possible Green Procurement initiatives and within the limited time I had, here are some of the things I learned… Continue reading

Happy Green Holidays!

Hello Everyone! I am a University of Toronto Student taking my Master’s in Health Science in Health Administration and currently working with the fantastic Energy and Environment team. This is be my first stab at the Talkin’ Trash blog so be gentle with me…

Here are some ideas for a greener holiday!

image credit: Hotel-R

image credit: Hotel-R

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So who won? (the Interhospital Challenge, that is)

As we stare down Black Friday (now a thing in Canada too), lots of people are gearing up for some serious sales. Those serious sales can turn into serious spending, consumption and a whole lotta waste. What a perfect time to talk about our Waste Reduction Week Interhospital Challenge :).

The King/Queen of all Reusable Mugs! The Silver Stein of Sustainability! The Interhospital Winners trophy.

The Royal Highness of Reusable Mugs! The Silver Stein of Sustainability! The Interhospital Winner’s trophy!

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Waste-Free Rules for Back-To-School

Though it feels more like a tropical rainforest than Toronto in September, the infamous “Back To School” season is upon us. Whether you are a student yourself, have school-age kids, or haven’t been to a class in decades, September feels like a time to get serious.

Unless you unplug and hide in a cave, you will be bombarded with back-to-school ads. These ads demand you get the latest, greatest, biggest, best of everything … even things that don’t seem remotely connected to school.

Extrememly odd choice of "back-to-school" sale essentials. image credit: onlysimchas.com

Extrememly odd choice of “back-to-school” sale essentials.
image credit: onlysimchas.com


Say you want to be prepared, but don’t want to Continue reading

What do you love? The best Trash we were Talkin’ in 2015

Ah, end-of year lists. Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s fun to see the cream of the annual crop rise up. Thanks to the power of analytic tools, we know what you’ve been reading (or not), so this list is entirely on you. Here we go, looking back at our top stories (which you can jump right into with the click of a pic). They’re grouped thematically, not numerically, and it really says a lot about you, our lovely readers. Speaking of cream…

You care a lot about energy conservation (and donuts and contests) …



Ever wonder how many donuts equates to the energy used by leaving your computer on during the weekend? Mmm … donuts. We also chose our #NameMyTLC winner: “Turn it Off Before You Go-Go”

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