Quick Quiz for Inter-Hospital Challenge


Play the 2 minute quiz and help your site win the challenge!

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Show Me The (Waste Of) Money – Talkin’ Trash, October 2016

First A Contest

In celebration of Waste Reduction Week, which runs from October 17-23 this year, UHN has challenged the SickKids and Sinai Health Systems to an Interhospital Challenge – take the quick quiz before October 30 and help your hospital prove it’s a waste reduction champion.

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

Money talks.  Sure, we don’t always listen to it, and sometimes even when we do pay attention, we don’t really understand what it’s saying…but undoubtedly, the murmur of money is all around us.


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9 Tiny Ways to be a Big Hero

2015 has come, and its shiny new and improved glory can bring hope and promise … and cast a shadow of frenzied panic for perfection. Turn over a new leaf! Make those major changes you swore up and down you’d finish last year or the year before or in 1999! Make a list, check it twice, gonna find out who’s … sorry, wrong holiday.

image credit: bengallagher.com

image credit: bengallagher.com

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Top 14 Ways We Were Talkin’ Trash in 2014

What a wild, wondrous and #WasteFreeUHN year it’s been here at Talkin’ Trash. Before we enter into the brand spanking new one, let’s have a gander at the highlights. And now (insert imaginary drumroll), a count down of our top 14 stories from 2014, as selected by your curious clicks:


Ed helped us get our feet (not-so) wet with Water, Water (Not) Everywhere

image credit: thewalrus.ca

image credit: thewalrus.ca

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Blue Bin, you saw me standing alone

It’s official. The UHN Green Team has surpassed my dreams of waste-free wonder. Ann Masterson and her team at TWH MSNICU have made an amazing video about their blue bin woes (to the tune of “Blue Moon”)

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There’s poetry (and a winner) in your #WasteFreeUHN soul

On this wonderful week of Waste Reduction across Ontario, we here at UHN celebrated by challenging our staff, and especially our green team, to share actions and ideas that cut waste down to a teeny-tiny size. They could email us, facebook or tweet, like UHN Volunteer services did below.


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Inflation and the Art of Garbage – Talkin’ Trash, October 2014

The Environomics of Garbage

Inflation is defined as a “sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services” (thanks investopedia.com).  In other words, your money just don’t buy what it used to.

For example, back in the day, I could walk up to the soda counter of my favourite drug store, a dime burning a hole in my pocket, order a double tall extra skinny soypuccino (with two straws if I was with my sweetie, of course) and a couple of free range anchovy filets…and still have enough change to go to the pictures after.

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