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#WasteFreeUHN Contest Oct 15-22

In honour of Waste Reduction Week, we have brand-new contest to share the best ideas and action to reduce waste.
waste reduction week

How to Play#WasteFreeUHN?

  • Send us your favorite waste reducing action or idea, now-Oct 22
    • Write it in words, pictures, haikus, video and more, your choice
    • Email it to me, or post it on our Facebook page or Twitter feed and use the hashtag #WasteFreeUHN
    • must be staff of volunteer at UHN to enter


The winner gets a glamourous pack of goodies from Grassroots (the Tiffany’s of eco-chic) with things like this in it. Stay tuned for the announcement on Oct 23.

waste reduction week prize

Stuck for an action? You can send something as simple as “I recycle my juicebox” or I pack my sandwich in a reusable container”. For even bigger ideas, your friends on the green team can help…


  • Megan Casey suggested Department Swap Parties, a perfect eco-alternative to Secret Santa. People bring in their new or gently used things that they no longer love, then swap it (or give it) to a colleague. Any leftovers get donated to Goodwill or Value Village etc.


  • Ann Masterson wrote a Blue-bin song to help her colleagues at TWH recycle better (sung to the tune of “Blue Moon”):

Blue bin you saw me holding an empty, Peptamen,

Without a spot to put it in, without a place of its own


Blue bin, you knew just what I was there for

You heard me saying, “Oh, wherefore?

A planet we all care for”


And then there suddenly appeared before me

A blue arrow I had never known before

I heard blue arrow whisper, “Please, employ me”

And when I looked, I knew I’d struck blue bin gold


Blue bin, now I’m no longer alone

I’m with my friends, plastic packaging

And the love of my life, sterile H2O

Nice job Ann!



Looking forward to your #WasteFreeUHN actions and ideas. Good luck on this contest, as everybody ultimately wins.






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